about us

An ARCH is a curved symmetrical structure built to support the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it. We, at the ARCH Foundation, a section 8 orgaization, provide the same support to design, build and maintain the bridge between a company's CSR goals to its realisation. ARCH’s USP lies in the fact that we customise to perfection. We understand and respect our client's passion for a particular cause and give wings to his dream. We aspire to assist client organization to design an integrated framework to develop and implement a self-sustainable CSR program in a fashion that it is aligned to the organization’s objective and expectations from different stakeholders, This is done using a scientific research based approach designed holistically with success indicators for timely monitoring project progress and celebrating milestones. Rather than looking at a mediatory role between the ‘donor’ and the ‘recipient’, ARCH Foundation identifies all stakeholders -  corporate, government, community, academic institutions, social service organisations, media and others and strives to generate a favourable and functional impact for delivering the most effective solution.


Our Vision

To serve businesses in customising CSR goals by creating sustainable projects globally and in the process enriching the world.


Our Mission

To be a pioneer in end-to-end CSR solutions Pan India by 2025 and include allied services like research, certification and communication.

Our Process

Define the purpose

Why should we do this ?
What we want to get out of it ?
How does it fit the business model ?

Quantify the resources

What kind of resources are needed ?
How much time and money ?
How do you meansure results ?


Stakeholder engagement
Employee involvement

Ensure Commitment

Openness to change
Commitment to the purpose


ARCH is built on high levels of integrity and ARCHers are committed towards transparent and fair practices.


ARCH implements high quality tools in all aspects of CSR for top quality result.


ARCHers are one organisation and work towards common goals.


ARCH embraces knowledge and new experiences to pave way for creative enhancements.


ARCHers aim at sustainable projects for optimum benefit to company and beneficiary.


ARCH works for the greater good of India and is committed to public interest.