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 Jan 26th , 2021

Expressions …2nd Edition

Our children and mentors from Angrezi Medium celebrated the journey of great leaders who have changed the world in many ways. Our young orators shared the story of their ideal and role models in their words...

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 Jan 13th , 2021

Happy Volunteering Week

We thank all the volunteers who have been part of our journey by contributing their time and skill making a huge difference in the lives of thousands of children.

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 Jan 12th , 2021

Let’s bring them back….

Our team is on a mission to bring school drop outs back to school. So far we have identified 188 such students (majority girls) from remote villages of Gujarat where children have not enrolled their name owing to various reasons. Our team talked to the children and elicited the reasons for their discontinuing studies and finally convinced them to attend community classes run by local volunteers. Number of drop out is rising by the day and if measures are not taken in time - this is going to be a grim issue to resolve with limited resources.

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 Jan 05th , 2021

Cherishing smile

Kids love crayons and if given a chance they can spend whole day exploring different colours and shades. Like every year, this year also ARCH organised colouring and handwriting competition and It was a treat to watch kids having fun with colours and exploring their artistic aptitude. At this age they don't compete but complement each other.

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 Dec 31st , 2020

ROLL CAMERA........SCREEN 1......SCREEN 100..........ACTION"

Journey of science theatre is like a movie.............. Who had thought one idea generated from the need will hit the screen and will be a blockbuster... As we always say..this is not the end....but a beginning.....

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 Dec 23rd , 2020

Happy Mathematics Day!!!

Mathematics can be fun, challenging, hands on and applicable in real life. To celebrate the spirit of mathematical learning and to explore various mathematical concepts in a creative manner, ARCH Foundation celebrated Math Day on 22nd December in collaboration with National Science Centre. Mr. Dinesh Malik from NSC conducted a fun-filled celebration of Math that brought forth great participation from learners. Learners were seen challenging themselves with the hands on activities.

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 Nov 22nd , 2020

Angrezi Medium – welcome our new batch of volunteers

We are excited to launch our new batches of Angrezi Medium as our little community grows . As our process goes - volunteers and their students went through a detailed orientation program explaining them ideology, process and methodology for the program. We welcome our enthusiastic volunteers on board and wish them Happy Volunteering!!!!

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 Nov 13th , 2020

Happy Diwali!!!

The five day long festival of lights, Diwali is one of the most awaited celebrations in India. And Diyasand Rangoli play an important role in celebrations and festivity. Our kids from different villages also celebrated Diwali by making Diyas and Rangoli.

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 Nov 12th , 2020

A Slum in the Darkness

Urban slums are not new to our country. However a slum consisting 25-30 households surrounded by Skyscrapers and development has been in the dark for more than two decades. The effect…….multiple, however for ARCH – the result was bigger than the reason as with the Pandemic and no lights – the children who wanted to continue learning had no access to any form in absence of electricity. ARCH this year ensured that every house in Mahakalinagar celebrates Diwali with lights in their houses. Know more about our Solar project by clicking on the link -

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 Nov 07th , 2020

Live Science Theatre

Online Science Theatre is an initiative by ARCH to provide hands on learning experience to our children who are confined in their home during pandemic. After three months our young scientist performed a live Science theatre program showcasing their learning and high aptitude for scientific knowledge and information. Total 50 plus students performed various science experiment live on Facebook in presence of eminent panelist who share their guidance and suggestions after every experiment.

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 Oct 25th , 2020

Launch of Angrezi Medium

We are pleased to introduce our first batch of volunteers for project Angrezi Medium. They are talented and passionate individuals who are dedicated towards contributing to the society.We are excited to have them on board with us! On 26th October, AM is launched with 10 volunteers and 60 students who are enthusiastic but also mischievous… :)

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 Oct 20th , 2020

Memory and Learning techniques – a series of workshop for teachers

Good memory is a bottleneck with even the brightest of the students. We all know that as we get older, the memory bar keeps on shrinking. However, it was fun to discover that having a good memory is not a God gift, but it is an art that can be developed. Through our series on accelerating memory techniques, our trainer Ms. Deepa Goyal helped our teachers to not only learn that art but also using it as education delivery in a way that students will never forget........ A simple but effective technique of imparting difficult phenomenon, concepts, science, or economics principles need not be memorized hard but can be easily remembered if presented in a story form.

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 Sep 13th , 2020

Workshop of Vedic math

Maths phobia is prevalent across the world in students, teachers, and even parents! So if there is a system which helps make Maths fun – it would be beneficial to everyone - says our expert and long-time associate Ms. Jyoti Jha, director and founder of Thinkitiv academy. ARCH launched a series of online workshops for teachers from Government/aided schools where they are exposed to the various useful methods and techniques of Vedic maths. We organized our first workshop of the series on 13th September where 43 teachers from across different states participated and received wonderful feedback from the teachers.

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 May 15th , 2020

A small contribution

Where the plight and sorrow only multiplied with the ever-rising +ve cases of COVID -19 everyone is making their little efforts by contributing in some way - what kept us wondering was how to address the debacle of doing something effective yet not risking the health of any of our team members. While talking to our team members across states and areas in the early stages made us envisage the tomorrow which was even more frightening - questions like what happens if this spreads too far off remote places, smaller villages and kasbas where scarcity is beyond the basics. Lack of information, lack of awareness coupled with poor medical infrastructure would lead to mayhem. So we are addressing this in our own possible was by integrating our stakeholders spread in various parts and create a) Awareness - that this is not only an urban problem it’s an unwarned pandemic traveling anywhere b) Measures of containment - start making homemade masks by providing video tutorials on raw-material and process and c) Distribute these marks by collaborating with local health workers and panchayat - who are still having local possibilities of reach out but lack resources.

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 Mar 05th , 2020

Keeping the competitive spirit high

To further strengthen our aim of creating an eco-system to promote joyful learning, a special Creative Mela - a three-day event was organized in various schools covered under the project Umang. The basic objective of Creative Mela is to expose students to the various art form and also show them that there is no end to creativity neither in ideas not in medium. Various competitions and activities like handwriting competition, poster competition, coloring competition, and waste papercraft were organized and the event was summed up on the third day by organizing Social Science Fair. Creative Mela covered more than 80% students through various activities. 

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 Feb 15th , 2020

We like the ELEMENT of surprise!

We concluded a series of Eureka Science Fest in Mumbai on 5th February reaching out to more than 6000 students from Greater Noida, Ankleshwar and Mumbai organizing various competitions and events.  Aim of Brighter World Lab project in collaboration with Covestro India is designed based on the three strong values of the company - Curious, courageous and colorful. Eureka Science Fest - a three-day festival to promote and celebrate science brings us closer to our aim of making the children curious and courageous for a colorful and bright future. 

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 Feb 12th , 2020

Creativity is nothing but a mind set free

Poster competition on My Planet-My Responsibility was different in Chakan than any other place. Volunteers from Huntsman joined our young artist to create a shared vision on how our small contribution can make a big difference. Magic happens when the ideas of a child and an adult merge and translates in the form of art on a sheet of paper. Difficult to say who is learning and who is teaching. Our project 'Anandi' at Chakan in collaboration with Huntsman India (I) Private Limited is focused on developing an eco-system in school to promote the holistic development of children.

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 Feb 10th , 2020

There is no time like fair time

When we started planning the Fun Fair in January, we knew it would come and go in the blink of an eye, but we had no idea how much fun we’d have along the way. Sometimes we forget that we are an adult...a funfair is an event which brings back a lot of childhood memories...and now we are creating these memories for our children. In the Fun Fair organized by ARCH, Children were not only exposed to entrepreneurship and public speaking, but they also polished their communication skills and got a boost of confidence in earning their own money.

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 Jan 28th , 2020

Conflict Confronts

The modern education system is better than Gurukul system as it provides equal opportunity to girls which was largely missing in the old system of education - Says Shriddhi, a class 7 students from Shantanu Vidyalya - Ankleshwar. To which our challenger from Shree Adarsh Vidyalya cited the examples of Mirabai who had received lessons in religion, politics, and government and was a strong will powered person who challenged the world with her belief in God. Our theme for debate this year has brought many important and crucial aspects of today's education system and left our judges amazed by the kind of arguments and insightful these young minds have.

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 Jan 09th , 2020

Eureka Science Fest – Day 3

Eureka Science Fair cum competition This year Eureka has four categories – Working model, Alternate use of plastic/Smart agriculture, DIY Science experiments and Science Wizard. With a participation of 320 students and a footfall of 2000 students - the Fest marveled everyone with a variety of displays under different categories. The magnificent display of hard work, the deep-rooted involvement for every model/graph/poster put on display and to top the enthusiastic participation of students to explain their creative work was spellbound. It truly stood to be far more beyond than a science fair – The Eureka Science Fest continues to move from Greater Noida to Ankleshwar.

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 Jan 08th , 2020

Eureka Science Fest – Day 2

Debate competition – Modern education Vs. Gurukul System What do you think – Which system is better – Gurukul system or Modern education? Gurukul is the best compared to modern education says Keshvi from grade 6 - Noida Kanya Inter College In my opinion, Gurukul is one of the best educational systems. In modern education, it is just like spoon-feeding. Students will by-heart the same things as spoken by the teacher and thereby they are losing their ability to think and do accordingly. In Gurukul, along with the education for living, the students are attaining education for livelihood also and there is a mutual understanding between the teacher and the student. In modern life, there is no such communication or understanding between the guru and shishya. So Gurukul is the best. We came across many such thoughts from the students who debated over the Best education system – Gurukul or Modern Education. What do you think – Which system is better – Gurukul or Modern education? Now when we see many private institutions are promoting the concept of modern Gurukul, concept school and so on…are we going back to our traditional system of education or creating a fusion combining both the concepts? And where the dilemma continues over adoption and transformation with the changing time – there was a chance to have the viewpoint of students themselves.

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 Jan 07th , 2020

Eureka Fest day 1 - Poster competition @ Greater Noida

Theme for this year is ‘My Planet-My Responsibility. This year 8000 plus students will be taking part in poster competition.. happy to share creativity of our kinds from Greater Noida. Total 600 students participated in Poster competition At greater Noida

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 Dec 07th , 2019

Employee Volunteering

For us volunteering is like Newton's law......actions and reactions are "OPPOSITE" and EQUAL ...... where your actions are of "GIVING" but the reaction is - you actually "GET" (satisfaction) out of that giving. And how much more you participate you get equally rewarded with the joy for the same.......On a lighter note ---the Mini Science Lab project has been so much on our minds that we are trying to dig science in emotions.

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 Dec 01st , 2019

Science Club

Our Science Club activities in partnership with Covestro India are getting more and more popular among students. Children are naturally curious and it is important to provide them a platform to learn through activities, exploration and their own experiments.

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 Nov 25th , 2019

Bal Sansad

Through our various activities in our year-long intervention in #UmangCenter in partnership with Supack Industries – we try to innovate new ideas and concepts of learning from time to time. This year we introduced a new initiative – #BalSansad” to develop life skills in children like planning, decision making, the participation of children in all activities including management of the school. Our young members of the council were felicitated by Mr. Mitul Shah & Ms. Niyati Shah – Director - Supack Industries encouraging them to perform well as elected leaders. In today's’ political scenario it is important to educate a child about the importance of election and right of voting. Learning by doing – or as we commonly say – hands-on experience is the best way of learning………

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 Nov 21st , 2019

Science Quiz at Vadodara

While we designed the Eureka Quiz – the purpose was clear that the quiz should not be a session of questions and answers but a “Journey”………Yes, a journey of Curiosity, inquisitiveness, anxiety, achievement, joy and finally pride. For every hour allotted to each team, the proud moment for ARCH was to witness all of these emotions in every child that participated in the quiz as well as our teacher audience ………..eventually resulting in EUREKA moment.

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 Nov 19th , 2019

Exposure visit to Science City

On November 19th, 2019, about 110 students from Government Primary School of Padra Taluka - Vadodara visited a Science city located at Ahmedabad, a very well established science center. The trip to Science city was a wonderful learning experience for our students specially when some of them have never stepped out of Vadodara. The scientific and educational activities in the science city like contemporary and imaginative exhibits, virtual reality, activity corners, planet earth, Mars ride etc were very exciting for the students. It was just a complete, mesmerizing, knowledgeable and enjoying the trip for them.

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 Nov 15th , 2019

Science Quiz @ Cuddalore

After a short Diwali break we were thrilled to host our 4th #EurekaScienceQuiz in Cuddalore with our partner #CovestroIndia …and a surprising experience it was.  Have never seen schools preparing so hard for the quiz and setting a high benchmark for the competition.  Every state has given us different learning and experience and we are looking forward to gathering.

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 Oct 12th , 2019

Team building workshop @ Umraya school

A Team building workshop for teacher was conducted by AURA under the project ‘Anandi’. A very creative approach and amazing execution is the speciality of AURA. Thanks AURA for providing an amazing experience to our teachers.

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 Oct 05th , 2019

A Workshop by Leaders

They are the change makers... our leaders of students council presenting the problems of their village and possible solution. Moreover how they can contribute as a responsible citizen is the most important part of this whole discussion... Bravo kids .. we are sure your ideas will change the world in times to come.

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 Oct 02nd , 2019

Anandi – Joy of creation

Small things excite, teach, explain and above all give Happiness. Our educators @ Anandi centre (a project supported by Huntsman) are committed to bringing “THAT HAPPINESS” from the surroundings.

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 Oct 01st , 2019

Umang – Joy of learning

Project Umang is all about bringing smile on a child’s face.  A project in collaboration with Supack industries was initiated in 2016 and in 3 years this project has shaped many young minds into creative and curious beings. One of the major achievement of the program is to reduce the rate of drop-out which was a major challenge faced by the schools.

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 Oct 01st , 2019

Science Quiz @ Ankleshwar

Now the winners have left us speechless..Who had thought a child who hardly manages to pass in the exam will steal the Eureka trophy so effortlessly…Congratulations winners.

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 Sep 30th , 2019

Science Club – being curious

"Learning about surface tension was never so easy...our science club activities make it so lucid and simple...." @ Saurabh - St.7th from Govind Ballabh Pant High school, Vikroli. Project #wegyaan in collaboration with #Huntsman is implemented in seven schools from Vikroli, Mumbai aims at taking students close to science and giving them an opportunity with hands-on "Do It Yourself" which feels more like magic and the experience is all the more overwhelming when the magic is performed right by your side.

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 Sep 30th , 2019

Science Quiz @ Greater Noida

An amazing journey of Eureka Science Quiz started from Mumbai.. reached to Greater Noida and now will be held in Ankleshwar... Looks like our quiz master is having a light moment with the participants who are otherwise stressed to win the competition…

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 Sep 24th , 2019

Eureka Science Quiz @ Mumbai – beginning of a long series of quiz

Eureka Science Quiz in Mumbai was not less than the yesteryears “Bournvita Quiz Contest”. The fire in participants, the enthusiasm in the air and the “Missed a Heart Bit” with every question and answer.  ARCH Foundation launched Eureka Science Quiz - Season 2 from Mumbai this week under the banner of Covestro (India) Private Limited with 300+ students.  ARCH will be moving to 10 different cities covering 2500 plus students from 7th and 8th grade and will come back to Mumbai to conclude its journey in November. After Mumbai our next stop is Greater Noida....

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 Sep 24th , 2019

Employee Volunteering – A morning well spent with kids

ARCH helps volunteers to conduct activities with a purpose.. A drive initiated by volunteers from LTTS with the help of ARCH Foundation to reduce the use of plastic by sensitising small kids and promoting alternatives for plastic bags targets to reach out to at least 1000 students.

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 Sep 10th , 2019

Another milestone achieved!

Today ARCH has marked its presence in Tamilnadu. As a young organization, we are extremely proud and happy that we now have a presence in five states and we extend a big thanks to Covestro India for this achievement. Today Brighter World Lab project was launched in Cuddalore by Mr. Ajay Durrani, MD – Covestro India in 8 Government/aided schools. Covestro India partnered with ARCH foundation for conceptualizing and implementing Brighter World Lab project in 2018-19 and today we have reached out to 50 schools from four different states viz. Greater Noida (UP), Ankleshwar (Gujarat), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Cuddalore (Tamilnadu) to make this world a brighter place.

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 Aug 21st , 2019

Orientation & Onboarding program @ Brighter World Lab

An orientation program was organized on 21st August to discuss the different ideas, challenges students face in their daily life and solution to overcome these challenges with the science and Math teachers of 52 schools. Before entering into the third year of the project, we brainstorm on what difference do we want to make for this new beginning. A collaborative approach to achieve the goal we all set jointly was the outcome of the program.

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 Aug 21st , 2019

Better teaching through better methodology

On 21st and 22nd August a training program was organized to train the teachers from 15 Government aided schools of Ankleshwar. In Ankleshwar ARCH is working on Project – Brighter World Lab and this year have expanded it to 15 schools. Teachers were trained on using various models installed under the lab and its alignment with the syllabus from 6th to 10th grade.

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 Aug 20th , 2019

Inauguration of Mini Science Lab

With the inauguration of Mini Science Lab on 20th August 2019, we formally entered into the third year of the project. It is the aim of Mini Science Lab Project to encourage curiosity in the young mind and ensure that they have facilities which expose them to practical experience. MSL is a project in collaboration with L&T Technology Services initiated in the year of 2016 reaching out to 3500 students from 5 schools. Today, in 2019, MSL has reached out to 52 schools covering 53,000 plus students and 250 teachers.

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 Aug 17th , 2019

My contribution. My responsibility

A workshop with the students from our Anandi Resource Center was organized to sensitize them about their responsibility towards their village. We often criticize the way people behave, challenges we face or the way things function but how many of us actually take lead to change that. Our students are going to be the leader of tomorrow and it is crucial to make them aware about their role as a citizen or member of the country.

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 Aug 09th , 2019

Orientation program @ Mini Science Lab

This year Brighter World Lab – an initiative in collaboration with Covestro India Private Limited has reached to 50 schools from Mumbai, Greater Noida, Ankleshwar, and Cuddalore. Every school, every location has different challenges and opportunities, therefore, it is important to start the project with a consultation process that moves to a common understanding. Recently ARCH organized orientation program at various locations to ensure our important stakeholders not only understand the project but also we create a shared vision by formulating a plan that is a reflection of real needs and priorities

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 Jul 18th , 2019

Let’s learn with Fun

Who says remedial classes are boring? Our Anandi project has attracted students with low learning level to the class due to its creative and fun based methodology. Currently ARCH is not only focusing on mainstreaming children with low learning level but also building their confidence and self-esteem.

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 Jul 06th , 2019

I’m planting a tree to teach me to make the world a better place.

On a wet Saturday morning, our 20 volunteers from L&T Technology services including a group of students participated in a tree plantation at the Government school in Vadodara. Team work and efforts were clearly visible at times when volunteers formed groups with children and planted over 50 plants in an open area of school. In today’s informed world, planting trees is nothing uncommon, enlightening school students has definitely be on rise, and the new mantra of volunteering is buzzing around everywhere. However when you perform a simple activity like tree plantation as intricate and involved as giving birth to a life… what we call creation and that was the spirit with all of our volunteers, team members, school staff and little dedicated children….that we pledge to take care of the new comer till it grows to its full and blossoms to the healthies state in times to come.

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 Jun 23rd , 2019

Visualization workshop @ Anandi Project

With the new academic year, ARCH is all set to put its feet on the ground. However, it is important to take the key stakeholders along. We initiated the program Anandi, an initiative in partnership with Huntsman, with the orientation of school involving all the teachers, Principal and SMC members who were not only oriented about the program but also learned the key elements of teamwork through some fun games and activities.

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 Jun 07th , 2019

A new hope...a new direction

Inauguration of Anandi Resource Centre on 7th June 2019 in partnership with Huntsman (I) Pvt. Ltd. in Vadodara has given a new hope to many students from 9th and 10th grade who normally struggle with subjects like Science, Math and English. Where the issue addressed is not just “affordability” but a conscious approach to revive missing interest in studies, getting concepts cleared and a comfort of reliable back up. Anandi resource Centre will not only offer academic support to the students of Umraya village studying at Government school but also focus on their overall development in term of communication skills, leadership and personal grooming.

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 May 13th , 2019

Brighten-up the wall - A volunteering program

Our young volunteers from Vivekanand Education Society's College of Architecture (VESCOA) weren’t just out there to paint a few walls of a Government aided school of Airoli – but toncreate an atmosphere. Yes and the atmosphere was not just for the kids who will see the newly fresh decorated wall while they resume from vacations but the atmosphere was also for the volunteers themselves who loved every second of the activity with a fun filled atmosphere. Read more about the activity in 'our work' section. For more pics follow us on instagram....

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 Apr 22nd , 2019

Summer Camp - Beating the Heat, why not do it Neat?

Summers are often a time when schools break for vacations and all we do is laze and play, but ARCH has found a creative yet educative way to make summers a learning extravaganza! Summer Camp is an edutainment initiative of ARCH Foundation under the banner of Project Anandi in collaboration with Huntsman, in three schools of Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Channeling the inner curiosity and creativity of the children, Summer Camp activities include fun, frolic and learning! Creating Learning Material through Waste - Paper, plastic, trash in cans, let’s up-cycle and take a stand! Best out of Waste is not just an activity, but rather a practice in the schools through Project Anandi. Children use the waste material to create beautiful, sustainable and creative projects to decorate the schools. Summer camps are not only a way to refresh the students post examinations, but also to instill a sense of community responsibility and environment sustainability!

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 Mar 18th , 2019

Our young historians proves why Social Science fair is important

Social Science Fair Helped us to learn difficult topics from Social Science in the most interesting way ….says Penal of 8th Standard from Bakrol Primary school. Social Studies inculcate higher order thinking abilities and skills like – Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis, Creativity in students. Through Social Science Fair organized at Primary schools of Ankleshwar in collaboration with Huntsman India (I) Pvt. Ltd. ARCH aspire to inspire students to learn a variety of topics such as – Natural Resources, Water Resources, Transport, Communication, Caste System, Political Ideologies, Social Reformers, Our Cultures, etc and also gave them a chance to gain appropriate information and data in various contexts.

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 Mar 12th , 2019

Social Science Fairs Inspire Young Historians

The social studies fair is a great way for students to learn about history, but perhaps more importantly, to learn the art of history," Jason Caros told Education World. We live in a time when so many people are unaware of the facts when it comes to history and current events and by conducting a social science fair ARCH made an effort to get teachers and students more interested in the study of it. Like other subject-focused fair events organized by ARCH, here at Matoda Primary School in collaboration with Supack Industries, students had showcased their efforts in the form of thorough, thought-provoking projects, creating a beautiful storyline based on the chapters they have read in their books and presenting it through mono-acting and drama that are evaluated by judges.

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 Feb 21st , 2019

Lessons learnt through Collaboration

Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant. This is what 200 students of government aided schools of Ankleshwar learnt when they visited the Eureka Science Fest. As an audience they were exposed to limitless learning opportunities through participation and interaction in a new ambience and fresh school of thought. This event was conducted as a part of Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman.

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 Feb 21st , 2019

Eureka Science Fair 3.0

Eureka Science Fair 3.0 – With each passing year brand Eureka Science Fair has become bigger and better. With a footfall of 4,000 people and more than 500 participants this third edition in Vadodara experienced a never-before buzzing environment of science and learning. With higher participation, more enthusiasm and escalated spirit of healthy competition it was endearing to see the hard work that students and teachers had put in to create larger than life 3-D working models and presentation resources. Kudos to the event organised under Project Mini Science Lab, in association with LTTS.

@Arch Foundation

 Feb 20th , 2019

Why Wait? Let’s Debate!

24 teams comprising of Grade 8&9 students of government aided schools battled it out to emerge winners in an exciting debate competition, organised as a part of Project Mini Science Lab, in association with LTTS in Vadodara. As they discussed the pros and cons of Rapid industrialisation in and around their city, one could see innovative ideation, superior communication and intelligent refutation in one and all.

@Arch Foundation

 Feb 19th , 2019

D-E-A-D - Drop Everything and Draw

Little minds full of ideas and inspiration set to work as they furiously drew, coloured, painted and doodled their vision of what their city would look like in 2050 as a part of a Poster Making Competition organised under Project Mini Science Lab, in association with LTTS. This creative task brought innumerable visions of the future, imagination of thoughts and creative possibilities that await us. With more than 1000 participants of Grade 6&7 students of government aided schools the event was a run-a-way success.

@Arch Foundation

 Feb 16th , 2019

Kaun Banega Vigyanpati

Science plays a big role in driving us at ARCH. We have always looked at scientific learning as the base of all knowledge. When LTTS organised a national level science quiz in partnership with Agastya Foundation in the month of February we at ARCH were excited to say the least. Our team from Lal Bahadur Shastri school represented us and secured the first position beating other schools from Mysore, The intiative organised in the campus of Agastya at Kuppam, Bangalore was indeed an excellent learning curve for us.

@Arch Foundation

 Feb 09th , 2019

Handwriting and coloring competition

Good handwriting and neat presentation teaches us the important virtue of patience and good presentation. These little life skills are often overlooked in the big academic picture. Hence, our initiative to conduct a handwriting and coloring competition for over 300 students students from Grade 1 to 5 grade under Project Anandi and Umang was well received, appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

@Arch Foundation

 Feb 08th , 2019

Simply Science

The Science Quiz organised under Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman, was held at Padra and Ankleshwar with more than 200 participating students of Grade 7 &8. The event was a grand success speaking volumes of the scale of arrangements, excitement of teachers and involvement of the audience. The objective to increase awareness and enhance learning of science among students of government-aided schools was positively achieved.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 24th , 2019

Sports Day @ Ankleshwar

Under the Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman, a Sports day was organised for students from Grade 5 to 8 at our beneficiary schools in Bakrol and Sanjali. This was the first exposure to these students, belonging to government aided schools, to compete in a sporting event. By achieving an important objective of the program to make optimum use of existing resources at school, the Sports day was held in great style using all material and space readily available in the school itself. Huntsman also donated sports uniforms to kick start a new culture of sports and fitness in these schools.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 18th , 2019

Exposure visit broadens Horizons

The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page. This was the objective to take 200 students of government aided schools of Bakrol and Sanjali from Ankleshwar to visit and explore the Eureka Science Fest organised under the project – Brighter World Lab. With a massive real-life planetarium the students were introduced to new principals of science, innovative working models and a never before experience of peer learning. This event was conducted as a part of Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman.

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 Jan 18th , 2019

Why rest? Gear up for Eureka Science Fest!

350 bright minds from Grade 6th to 9th students of government aided schools of Ankleshwar put up a mesmerising event called Eureka Science Fair, organised under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro (India). It was a whole day dedicated to learning science in the most innovative and hands-on approach possible. Teams representing different schools created working models based on principles of science and kept the audience floored with their flawless presentation and in-depth knowledge.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 17th , 2019

Doubt? Let’s Debate!

A debate teaches one to analyse problems holistically and in a structured manner. The ideas that were exchanged by 22 teams of Grade 8 &9 students while battling it out to discuss the pros and cons of Extensive use of mobile for education in the Debate Competition organised under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro, became an eye opener for one and all. Young minds with excellent flair for communication, persuasion skills and power of reasoning kept the audience at the edge of their seat.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 17th , 2019

Pin -A -Poster

Art is a wonderful medium of creative expression of one’s inner most feelings. When more than 500 students of Grade 6& 7 created posters depicting the vision of their city in 2050 there was an explosion of originality, futuristic vision and lots of creativity. The event was organised in Ankleshwar as part of Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro (India) and proved to become a canvas of out-of-the-box depiction.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 11th , 2019

When there’s a way, there’s JUGAAD

Says who that science can be learnt only through expensive models and apparatus? A distinctive workshop called ‘Jugaad’ referred to as creative improvisation, saw 20 students and 15 teachers from Padra (Vadodara) making learning resources through waste material. All discarded items were creatively assembled to create low cost recycled working models of science and maths concepts. This event that facilitated out-of-the-box thinking and waste management was held as part of Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman, and with support of NGO Aura.

@Arch Foundation

 Jan 10th , 2019

Eureka Science Fair

What is a mega interactive platform covering all aspects of holistic scientific learning called – Eureka Science Fest! Envisioned as an annual event under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro (India), the event saw over 700 participants and 4000 visitors in Greater Noida area. It was conceptualised to promote technological creativity and principles of science application in everyday life among children. With charts, working models showcasing, presentations and team work the entire space was re-created into buzzing innovation hub.

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 Jan 09th , 2019

A Debate is Great

When students participate in debates they learn to study issues in depth and from different perspectives. This is exactly the outcome when 22 teams of first time debaters of Grade 8 & 9 students belonging to government aided schools set up against each other to debate on the pros and cons of ‘Extensive Use of Technology to excavate natural resources’. The event was organised under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro, in Greater Noida.

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 Jan 08th , 2019


Ever wondered what our town/city will look like in 2050? 300 students of Grade 6&7 of government aided school of Greater Noida envisioned their hometown and captured their innermost thoughts and ideas in a poster making competition under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro. The use of crayons and creativity to pencils and passion threw open a whole new door of how youth truly viewed the future.

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 Jan 05th , 2019

Science Around Us

The second year of Project Science Around Us saw a bigger and better response than the first franchise. With an objective to train children to understand concepts of science in everyday life and develop an ability to decode and simplify scientific applications, the initiative was muscled with the support of 100 volunteers who dedicated a whole month in holding workshops and fun training sessions to reach out to 600 students of Grade 6 across 9 schools.

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 Dec 28th , 2018

And the winner is…Knowledge

The Science Quiz under Project Umang, in association with Supack organised for the second time with students of Grade 7 & 8 of government primary schools, was a stupendous success. The preparedness of the participants, engagement of the teachers and the excitement of the audience were worth applauding. Congratulations to the students of Matoda Primary School for bagging the 1st position for the second year in a row!

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 Dec 27th , 2018

The Learning Curve

In continuation of Project Brighter World Lab, the inauguration of project Brighter World Lab at Gyandeep School took place on 27th December 2018 in grand style marking the launch of the project in all 10 schools covered in Ankleshwar region. The lab was inaugurated by Mr. Bawanji in presence of delegates from Covestro, ARCH and the esteemed principals and teachers from all the 10 schools. The energy was palpable as students and teachers alike expressed their joy and exhilaration of the new learning resource installed.

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 Dec 21st , 2018

A novel learning curve

Knowledge has no limits and the students of KCS Girls School couldn’t agree more. On 21st December 2018 Dr. Yogendra Chauhan -inaugurated a new laboratory under Project Brighter World Lab marking the launch of the project in all 11 schools covered under the project at Greater Noida. Present to witness the excitement and joy were Communication Head of Covestro – Mr. Chintan Joshi, CEO of Arch Foundation – Ms. Sonkee Shah & esteemed principals from all 11 schools.

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 Dec 06th , 2018

Mind Math

A unique workshop on Vedic Maths was conducted under Project Mini Science Lab, in association with LTTS, where 42 teachers representing 23 schools were trained to encourage students to use principles of Vedic Maths, a system of reasoning and mathematical working based on ancient Indian teachings, to derive mathematical answers with greater speed and accuracy.

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 Dec 04th , 2018

Quiz for Buzz

Science is a way of thinking, much more than it is a body of knowledge. The energy was gung-ho and the air competitive as 330 students of Grade 7 & 8 battled it out in a multi-faceted Science Quiz organised on under Project Brighter World Lab, in association with Covestro (India), among the government aided schools of Ankleshwar. As each round unfolded the audience was left mesmerised with the creativity, logic and presence of mind displayed by participants.

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 Nov 28th , 2018

Train the Trainers

Human resource is the greatest of all. Skill building in teachers empowers them to explain, demonstrate and inspire lives of more students. As a part of Project Brighter World Lab in association with Covestro, 28 teachers from 10 schools in Ankleshwar were imparted a two day training to use the laboratory installed in school to its maximum potential and foster learning amongst students in a hands-on manner.

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 Nov 27th , 2018

Funfair with entrepreneurship flair

A one of a kind event that promoted both fun and learning was the Funfair organised in association with Supack and Huntsman with a participation of over 550 students in Rajkot and Padra. These students of government primary schools set up different kinds of food and entertainment stalls for the audience and displayed rare entrepreneurship skills to book maximum profits. It was an exciting and entertaining platform to showcase creativity and business acumen with zest and team work.

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 Nov 17th , 2018

Raising the bar of knowledge

Healthy competition often brings out the best in people. This intention of driving and striving for excellence made the 3 day mega Science Quiz a grand success. With 11 competing government aided schools from Greater Noida and over 120 participants, the spirit of science soared new heights as students battled it out to emerge as Science connoisseurs.

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 Nov 03rd , 2018

FunFair with a difference

Fun + Learning is the best educational experience. The 200 students of government aided schools in Ankleshwar and Padra under Project Anandi, in association with Huntsman are testimonial of it. They got a novel opportunity to set up innovative stalls in a funfair and employ creativity, imagination and lots of business persuasion in maximising profits. This event has etched lasting memoires in the minds of the students, teachers, parents and visitors.

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 Nov 03rd , 2018

Dil Se Diwali

Diwali is a festival of boundless happiness associated with diyas and decorative lights and prosperity. Can you imagine the joy of 450 students of Grade 6-8 when they got a unique opportunity to design and create their own kandeels in an innovative and hands-on Diwali camp organised by ARCH in association with Hunstman and Supack. The teachers also competed with one another in making beautiful Rangolis. A lovely way to promote creativity and support talent indeed!

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 Nov 02nd , 2018

Khushiyon ki Diwali

Project Umang and Anandi saw 450 students from Grade 6 to 8 of government aided schools in Ankleshwar and Padra use their creativity to hand paint and decorate Diwali diyas this year. As a part of a special festive camp organised in association with Supack and Huntsman the kids embellished their own earthern diyas and light new lamps of learning and joy.

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 Oct 31st , 2018

Be Bright: Be Hopeful!

The inauguration of Brighter World Lab in Mumbai proved to be a mega success in the true sense. With the attendance of students of Grade 8, members and Head of Coverstro Global Communication and members of Team ARCH the laboratory was inaugurated by MD – Mr. Ajay Durani and Global Communication Head – Matthias Poth. The highlight of the event was the Chemistry based hands-on DIY activities that the volunteer members of Coverstro Global Communication undertook with the fascinated group of children present. This initiative, conceptualized by ARCH, was highly appreciated by Covestro as this became their first direct intervention in the company’s CSR initiatives.

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 Oct 05th , 2018

Yes! It’s Quizzing Time

We at ARCH conducted the much awaited and first of the season, a mega Science Quiz, for the third consecutive year in Vadodara. With a participation of only 5 schools in first year we saw 23 electrifying school teams battling it out for the coveted Numero Uno position this year. The event was conceptualized in an innovative and hands-on manner and was spread over three days. First timers, Team Wakad School left everyone spell bound by their presence of mind, wits and knowledge of science emerging as the undisputed winners of the quiz winning not just the gold madels but also many hearts! All the four finalist teams were awarded with medals and all the participants were given certificates as a token of appreciation.

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 Sep 19th , 2018

An Orientation for Optimism

None of us is stronger than ALL of us. This was the motto of organizing an orientation workshop for Project Brighter World Lab, in collaboration with Covestro (India) at Greater Noida and Ankleshwar covering all the 17 Government aided schools covered under the project at both the locations. With active attendance of all principals and teachers of the schools there were several rounds of discussions, suggestions and improvisations for making the project as relevant and successful as possible. At the end of the event an annual calendar of activities was chalked out and everyone seemed gung-ho and optimistic about the outcome of Project BWL.

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 Sep 11th , 2018

Orientation for Success

With the growing scale and stature of Project Mini Science Lab in Vadodara, we at ARCH organized an orientation workshop for all the 23 schools covered under the program, in collaboration with LTTS. The idea was to share the plan of action with school authorities to receive feedback and create a comprehensive need-based result-oriented project extending maximum benefit to each stakeholder. The workshop was a grand success with active involvement of all school principals and science teachers as they embraced this learning intervention with open arms.

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 Sep 05th , 2018

inauguration of Mini Science Lab

The inauguration of Mini Science Lab at Sayaji High School in Vadodara marks a whole new journey of limitless learning opportunities created for hundreds of students in government aided schools by giving them new and exciting learning resources all aligned to their syllabus. The launch marked the installation of the labs in all 23 schools covered under Project Mini Science Lab, in association with LLTS, and was well attended by principals, teachers and student body of all the schools. (Read about Mini Science Lab)