At ARCH, we know our work cannot stop.

Education worldwide has been one of the biggest victims of COVID-19. According to UNESCO, the countrywide school closure in India has affected 320 million children enrolled from pre-primary to tertiary levels of education. It has been estimated that of these, about 158 million are female students. While school closures are an essential precautionary measure, it is likely to bring other related risks to millions of children in countries where attaining education is already a struggle for many.

ARCH aims to reach out to 20,000 children through its various intervention and ensure their safe return to school when it reopens and is fully operational.

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Education is a journey of learning which makes and paves way for a worthwhile life. We strive to fill curiosity and fun in young minds and empower them to fly beyond realms.

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Research is the distance between an idea and its realization. It forms the backbone of any CSR initiative. We use holistic tools and methodology to conduct research for all projects before chartering future course of action.

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We aim to develop essential skills amongst the differently – abled and todays’ youth to give them a platform of opportunity, sustainability, confidence and self-reliance.

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Our objective is to develop a sense of ownership of responsibility and compassion towards a cause in employees of an organisation by contributing through actions where their expertise lies.

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